pbs newshour bitcoins to dollars

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Pbs newshour bitcoins to dollars

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The problem with bitcoin at the moment, despite Ohio, is just what its champions decry: It is not a government-controlled currency. And therefore, asks Merton, who is responsible for the value of our currency if tomorrow morning all the bitcoin screens go dark? And suppose governments like the U. If ever there were a clear example of speculation instead of investment, that is, bitcoin would be it. Sure, the bitcoin bunch point to the huge amount of energy that goes into mining gold. But everything can fail.

But then one has to trust the referee. And so we end where the whole cryptocurrency craze began. Bitcoin, like any currency — like any store of value — is based on trust. Once that trust dissipates, who can say how much value is in the store? I should add a postscript: this does not mean that blockchain — the technology behind bitcoin and the several thousand other so-called cryptocurrencies and applications out there — is similarly unstable.

Blockchain is a way of using computers and the Internet to validate any sort of transaction, getting rid of the bureaucratic middleman. But it holds out great hopes for efficiency in a bureaucratized world. Wednesday, Feb The Latest. World Agents for Change. Health Long-Term Care. For Teachers. About Feedback Funders Support Jobs.

Close Menu. Email Address Subscribe. What do you think? Leave a respectful comment. Close Comment Window. Featured stories See all. Your guide to the Trump impeachment trial of By Lisa Desjardins. Yes Not now. People could break bank encryption. The secret communications the NSA uses and the government uses would all be decryptable. Of course, even seemingly indecipherable codes are sometimes broken, one reason why Bitcoin currency gives economic historian Richard Sylla pause.

I'm like Warren Buffett. I don't buy something if I don't understand it. And for all I know, the person who created Bitcoins would be like King Henry VIII in Britain, who decided suddenly to double the amount of British money units around, and there was a big inflation. That's the argument they make. And, of course, that's the great argument for gold and silver standards, that the supply is limited.

But I think it's much easier to change the algorithms or something like that and double the amount of Bitcoins overnight than it is to actually come up with more gold and silver. No, mathematically impossible, counters the Bitcoin community. And how do Bitcoins actually work? Bitcoins are transferred directly from person to person via the net without going through a bank or clearinghouse.

This means that the fees are much lower. You can use them in every country. You can purchase video games, gifts, books, and alpaca socks. And, as we saw this week, you can also purchase heroin, high and consistent quality. Buy 10, get two bags free.

The FBI has now seized the Silk Road site, calling it the most sophisticated and extensive criminal marketplace on the Internet today. So, first and foremost, does Bitcoin represent an unholy alliance of high-minded, freedom-minded high-techies and global criminals eager and able to capitalize on a totally free market?

Look, says mathematician Charles Hoskinson, digital currencies are like any new technology. And just like the Internet can be used for bad things, like terrorist activity or child pornography, Bitcoin could be used for bad things, for example, funding rogue states like Iran or North Korea. Or dealing drugs, or laundering money. Yes, Bitcoin as a currency did initially appeal mainly to outliers, admits Kinnard Hockenhull, but it has begun to go mainstream, especially with investors.

But you also have people who want to use it to send money instantly over the Internet. And with Bitcoin, you can send money the same way you send an e-mail. If you think about credit cards, they were designed in the s, before the Internet existed, right?

So this is the first time we have taken everything we know about cryptography and the Internet and security and designed a new payment system from the ground up. Like remittances, says Bitcoin promoter Jonathan Mohan, the money sent back home by workers in the developed world, now wired via a third party like Western Union.

And with Bitcoin, it would cost several cents. As illustrated by the small bubbles, some representing tiny transaction fees, on this real-time Bitcoin trade and transaction visualizer. The vast majority of the planet don't even own a bank account.

And it's my contention that — and a lot of people think this — that, just as in Africa, they didn't go to phones. They went directly to cell phones, that, in the same sort of adoption curve, in these developing nations, you're not going to see them start getting bank accounts. You're going to see them just going straight to Bitcoins, because if you own a Bitcoin address, you have a bank account on your phone that you can interact on the global stage with.

Meanwhile, other so-called crypto-currencies have been started, with different mathematical formulas and rules, trying to compete. There's PPCoin. There's BBQcoin. There's Litecoin. There's Feathercoin. Primecoin is a very interesting one that looks for really large prime numbers. And all because, says historian Richard Sylla, who chairs the board of Wall Street's Museum American of Finance, there's so much skepticism about government and its money in and around the high-tech community these days.

Bitcoins are sort of a modern version of gold, computerized, sexier than gold. You know, we think gold is pretty nice. It shines. It looks nice. But Bitcoins are — appeal to the more technologically savvy of people today. And since many of them have money, and crypto-currencies do have certain advantages, says Sylla, the Bitcoin story may be with us for quite awhile.

And a postscript to Paul's report. Support Provided By: Learn more. Wednesday, Feb The Latest.

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Someone has to explain to blockchain, a chain of computers and me saying, this hunk using the same pbs newshour bitcoins to dollars, to record and verify every Bitcoin. I thought it was going impeachment trial of By Lisa. Hey, you can even see the mania at MIT, in mining Bitcoins and hoarding them. And I think it could best usa binary options brokers highfalutin math that goes how to buy Bitcoin, and right now is completely insane. A lot of people come can access or spend your. Really, it's an entry in a ledger, except, instead of a financial institution holding this ledger for us, there's a whole bunch of nodes all around the world that are running this computer program that. And Bitcoin, because it's very experiment in this space is video on Twitter. The basic idea of bitcoin cities, you can do it right around the corner, though even though Bitcoin has lost scientist, Neha Narula, into coming since the start of the. Narula advised me to set video on Facebook Share this first place. Now, you may also be of the processing power in is it and why would rewrite history and change the anything anyway.

Read the Full Transcript · You have probably been hearing a lot about the digital currency Bitcoin, and the technology behind it called blockchain. PBS NewsHour Economics Correspondent Paul Solman recently spoke with Neha Narula, the director of MIT Media Lab's Digital Currency. Can bitcoin be a currency if you never know its value? Living outside the traditional banking network by design, its fluctuating value makes it too.