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Note: Sometimes the Front Lay betting horses quotes selections are done before the final decs, so some may be non-runners. Download BetTrader Now. With the introduction of in-running trading some time ago, and the odds feeds from the exchanges getting quicker all the time, then there has bookie betting no better time to be a trader. If you are an experienced trader or just learning the ropes we still feel this info will be of use. Researching the make-up of certain races can certainly help give you an edge when trading, so one tip is to look back at past form — especially for some of the more-fancied runners in the fields — and record their recent running styles. If certain horses like to lead in their races and there are no other potential front-runners then there can be some great trading opportunities to be had. Generally, the horses that lead at the start of the race, or break well, will shorten-up in the in-running market — meaning as a trader you can factor this in before the race.

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Win with flat bets only

This, at least, is understandable. Many players have gone through similar experiments. Although this financial strategy has much in common with flat betting, it is often regarded separately. This strategy, developed by a famous American player George Miller, is sometimes called advanced or modified flat betting.

Another player made stakes with the same odds and won 57 of them. As you can see, the profit in the second case is much bigger than in the first one. That is why professionals try to make more stakes. The rules mentioned above see unit 3 , allow to conclude that flat betting in football is most profitable for stakes with two outcomes — handicap and total — provided they have similar odds.

Let us look at an example from a real bookmaker line. To get profit positive ROI you need to find a lot of of similar bets this will depend on your abilities to predict and search for overestimated odds. Here you can bet on one of the players or on the total. If we accept that in such cases bookies set the minimum odds at 1.

Many people think that the two strategies are incompatible. And they really are. The difference between regular and limited martingale is that the latter may be used for events with odds less than 2, while the amount of the stake is increased and calculated by the following formula:.

A — is the stake amount P — is the planned profit Al — is the accumulated loss O — is the betting odds. The advocates of this strategy say that the 1. However, my experience does not confirm this opinion. There is one more version of limited martingale, in regard to which we may talk, if not about flat betting as such, then at least about one of its basic principles.

The key here is not to chase the whole bet amount, but divide it into equal parts and chase each of the parts separately. In this case, the above formula will be applied in a slightly modified version:. In case of a losing streak, the new variable helps slow down the increase of the bet amount which decreases the risks and allows to set the bet amount in accordance with the accumulated loss and the event odds. The betting odds are 2.

The planned profit is also 50 dollars. The final stage is reaching the objective and cashing out. After you achieve the goal and generate the desired profit, Flat Betting system commands that you wrap up the game and collect the winnings. Flat Betting is extremely easy to use and, apart from some pre-planning, no additional preparation will be required.

Thanks to the fixed bet amounts, the possibility of any excessive losses is completely eliminated. The main disadvantage of Flat Betting is that the system does not perform well in the long run. Flat Betting System. Allegedly, few incidents of refused withdrawals have been recorded as the players were accused of using betting systems, which later turned out to be nothing more than good, old Flat Betting… How Does It Work?

The Advantages of Blackjack Flat Betting Pattern Flat Betting is extremely easy to use and, apart from some pre-planning, no additional preparation will be required. The Disadvantages of Flat Betting System The main disadvantage of Flat Betting is that the system does not perform well in the long run.

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Most sports handicappers have a rating system to their plays. Some will have 1 to 5 units, others will have 6 to 10 units, and some even have units to units. Well, a handicapper who released a 5 unit play as their strongest play can be just a strong as a handicapper that releases a unit play. Now, this is an aggressive approach because I have confidence in my ability. Some would only recommend betting 2.

In a scaled method like this one, the return on investment can multiply more quickly. It can also dwindle your bankroll faster if the strongest plays are losing more often than the weakest plays. However, I believe the scaled method is the best.

Obviously, I feel more strongly about certain plays than I do others, therefore I want to bet more money on the stronger plays. If you are at least using one of these two methods, you are on the right track. It means you are looking at sports betting as an investment instead of the sake of just having action.

It is really a matter of personal choice and comfort as to which method you choose. If you are looking at sports betting as a disciplined, long-term investment, then a flat betting approach is probably the way to go. Flat betting is a consistent, disciplined strategy that means you are betting the same amount on every game regardless of your confidence level. Flat betting isn't sexy or flashy, but it puts you in the best position to stay in the game long term.

To determine how much to bet on each game, take your starting bankroll amount and divide it into equal units. Once you decide this number it becomes your unit size. This is the amount of money you are betting on every game. Consider it a line in the sand that you should not to cross. To find out what this means for you, just take your starting bankroll and multiply it by.

If you will all five games, that would be fantastic. Unfortunately it just isn't realistic, especially if you're a new bettor. Everyone is excited when they first start betting, and no one wants to be a buzzkill, but you have to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

You would very easily lose all five bets, and then you're bankrupt and have no more money to bet with. Just like that, you're out of the game before it even started. This will provide you a longer runway to learn from your mistakes, get more accustomed to betting and overcome to beginners learning curve. In addition to saving yourself from going broke when you have a bad night or a sustained cold streak, flat betting also allows you to eliminate damaging bias that could hold you back and cut into your potential profits.

One of the games he really loves, but the other he is less confident in, which amounts to more of a lean. Once you've established your unit size and percentage, stick with it. Don't change day-to-day, week-to-week or even month-to-month based on your performance. Remember: Flat betting is all about grinding long term and investing, knowing that there will be ups and downs along the way.

You would hate to have a good week, adjust your bankroll upward, then get mired in a losing skid and lose it all quickly because you are betting more on each game. Also, bankrolls can fluctuate based on the sports betting calendar. This means you are more susceptible to volatile swings when the calendar is busy with multiple sports in session all at once. This leads to an increased volume of bets in the Fall, Winter and Spring when football, basketball and hockey are all in session, as opposed to the summer when baseball is the only game in town.

As a result, bettors should only adjust their bankrolls once per year. The best time to adjust your bankroll is in the summer. By this time, football is long over and basketball and hockey are wrapping up the postseason. The summer is considered the sports bettors vacation.

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It has two peaks which indicate a worst drawdown of points, with the next worst points. Aside from that the worst drawdowns appear to be around 20 to 30 points. This gets interesting when we then compare this with the next chart, where the drawdowns for win only betting over the same period are a lot larger.

In this instance the worst was Firstly the size betting bank you need to use as to absorb the drawdowns from win only, this needs to be larger. Secondly and perhaps of the upmost importance is how easy you find it to cope with longer losing runs.

Cue lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth! How you handle these extra drawdowns and losing runs mentally can make a big difference to your betting , as in my experience as Editor of the Smart Betting Club, I have found that it to be one of the biggest barriers to betting success for many punters.

To go back to my original question, the answer on whether to back each-way or to win actually probably does rely on your preferences. Of course, this analysis only focuses in on one tipster and others may derive different results, but it should showcase the best way to approach this key question on a case-by-case basis. The article also includes our findings on the best odds range to follow this particular service on, which again can make a huge difference to your profits. To access our great pages including tips, strategies and interviews, simply login or register below.

Are you happy to take more of a risk, make more profit but endure longer losing runs? In this instance backing win only is the right choice.. Ideal and optimal winning parameters are provided within the system document. The simulator can also be used as a template and a guide.

FBSD system document comes with numerous examples to make sure you understand the system fully. Different money management techniques are also illustrated in those examples, with appropriate reset parameters to take full advantage of the dozens' behavior, taking into account any fluctuations their behavior can have.

You will enjoy this system greatly, as much as I do. I play it very often now, having discovered this new winning way on single dozens. It will pay itself off within a couple of hours of play. You have my money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase based on your full satisfaction, no strings attached and no questions asked.

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online. Q: Izak, may I ask what the average drawdown? What should be lifetime bankroll in units? Thank you. A: The drawdown is really a function of the loss limit you put for the session. There are various money management techniques, one of which limits the session loss to -5 or -2 units, meaning that the moment you reach this loss, you reset your session and start over.

The total drawdown would be then the sum of back to back losses of those loss limits, which can be not more than 3 maximum 4 or 20 units. A lifetime bankroll of units should be sufficient to use this system most effectively.

Q: Hi Izak, As usual, looks like you have come up with another great system. Maybe I am looking for something like this. You mention that I can go to the table with 20 units and come away with 50 units. Does this mean a profit of 50 units, or a profit of 30 units? Either way, it sounds great. How often do you lose your entire 20 unit bankroll? You mentioned that there is almost no tracking. Does this mean that I can sit at a table in a casino without a pen and paper?

I really don't like sitting there writing things down. I know it is allowed, but I feel uncomfortable because everyone starts looking at you. How much time will it take to make the profit? In other words, if I sat down for an hour at a table, how much do you think I could walk a way with? A: 50 units is your profit. Your bankroll is not 20 units, it's your buy-in for the session. FBSD has different money management techniques.

One of them uses a loss limit of -5 units, for which 20 units will be sufficient for 4 back to back losses, which is extremely rare. There is no tracking in terms of waiting for the right opportunity. You wait for not more than 1 spin before you start betting. However, in terms of tracking what happens, it's better first to write down certain stats, based on the template given with the system. With time, you can do this from memory, if you can remember only 3 numbers from bet to bet, then you will need no paper at all.

Your average profit is 1 unit every 6 spins. If it takes an hour to play 60 spins, you should be able to profit 10 units per hour. Q: How did this new system test out in the Zumma books and other tests? A: This time, I did not test fully against Zumma, in order not to give the impression that the system was reverse-engineered against known results. That's why only the specifically designed FBSD simulator was used to test the system, outside my real use of it. The simulator tests thousands of spins, and the tests can be repeated as many times as one wishes with a different set of random spins every time.

Q: Also are you betting every spin? As you know casinos sometimes ask players to leave the table if they are not betting every spin. It works very well and no one asks you to leave the table if you skip a spin or two here and there. Q: Can you give us some typical results? A: The results are based on different money management techniques the document provides you.

Q: Hello Izak, This new system sounds pretty good. Just a couple of questions re your FBSD system Is it the money management system or the technique for finding the right dozen that is the key factor in your over all system?

How much time is involved in ascertaining the right dozen to bet on? What would be an average number of spins you would expect before your 1 unit per 6 spins average is attained? And dose this system work equally well on land based and online casinos?

A: It is the combination of both the money management techniques there are several in the system and the detection of the dominant dozens that are the key factors, which make the system profitable. It takes only just a few spins to determine which dozen to bet on.

The profit of 1 unit every 6 spins is an average based on long run tests. You could make 2 units in 1 spin or it could take 20 spins to make 1 unit, which is the longest period. The system works for all environments. Play to Win. Game Rules. Systems Gallery. Art Gallery.

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